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The act of job searching is probably one of the most dreaded undertakings someone can experience. It can be a long, arduous journey with little to no prospects, which can lead many to want to give up altogether. Unfortunately, in order to properly function in society we all must carry ourselves financially in some way. For most of us that means applying to as many job openings as possible and hoping that we are good enough to be hired. For every 10 resumes you turn in, you might get one reply or an interview. The ratio of success to failure is incredibly uneven and can quickly take its toll on self-esteem.

One of the best ways to keep up your self-esteem is to stay productive. All too often we can find ourselves lounging around our homes, not getting dressed for the day, or staying up extra late watching bad TV. As relaxing as these activities are, they can be a terrible poison to your sense of self-worth. It’s important to stay active during your job search. Set a strict regimen for yourself and stay with it! Plan to wake up at an appropriate time and set aside time for exercise every day. Exercise can be a great way to burn off the stress of being unemployed. Secondly, you should always set aside a number of hours each day dedicated to job hunting. Even if you get no replies, the simple act of putting yourself out there will help you feel productive. No one should ever complain that they did too much in a day.

Self-improvement usually gets postponed due to busy schedules, but if you’re unemployed then you have much more time to take on these things. Use your free time to start up a self-improvement plan to boost your confidence. Have you been meaning to get more exercise? Work on an art project? Build something from scratch? Take this opportunity to accomplish something. Checking something off your personal list can be more invigorating than you can imagine.

Many smart job seekers use their free time to improve themselves professionally. Some will enroll in classes and others will turn to the library or the Internet to study new aspects of their field. Keeping updated on new changes in your profession allows you to stay on point even if they aren’t directly involved in it at the moment. This can be a great advantage when you finally do snag that interview. When an employer asks you what your qualifications are or what you have been doing in your time of unemployment you can impress them with your motivation to learn and keep up.

Other ways of staying confident in your job search is to always be ready to evolve and improve. Has your resume not been yielding many results? What can you do to improve it? Are you playing up all of your strengths? Are there other places you can direct your employment search? Asking yourself these simple questions can help you to revise your job hunting skills. Always being ready to revise yourself can mean varied approaches to the same thing, which can up your chances at getting noticed in the job market.

Staying confident is difficult when you’re submitting resumes. It can be even more difficult to not take it personally. One must remember that employers are dealing with hundreds of applicants a day and they don’t know you on a personal level. If you feel you aren’t being recognized professionally figure out how you can alter that and change it. Boosting your confidence is all about taking initiative. As you allow yourself to adapt and change your outlook will become brighter too.