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Criminal Justice

The field of criminal justice houses an exciting group of careers that includes many different disciplines all related to law enforcement. These careers include crime scene investigation, forensic science, criminology, probation and corrections, and a large number of government law enforcement positions such as police officers. Regardless of the specific discipline, a worker in the field of criminal justice must poses excellent interpersonal skills and strong critical thinking skills. A worker in the criminal justice field could work to examine crime scenes, investigate and gather evidence, or to work closely with recently released inmates or parolees.

Those in the criminal justice field need to be proficient in modern computer technology as well as with the tools specific to each discipline such as scientific equipment for gathering and analyzing evidence. Much of the training for specialized positions is either done on-the-job or in a vocational training program.

The salaries of workers in the criminal justice field can vary wildly depending on the discipline and experience level of the individual.

Quick Facts:

  • Education Requirements: Most jobs require some additional training through vocational schools or academies. Some highly scientific positions may require advanced degrees.
  • Job Increase: Expected to increase greatly over the next decade

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